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Brain Blast While Doing the Laundry

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that was seemingly unrelated and separate just all somehow clicked and worked together? I had one of those yesterday. We started out with our Catechism reading like normal. For the start of this school year we are just doing a review by reading the Monday story that goes along with each of the Q&As we have already done. So we read about a little girl choosing a puppy from a pound and naming her Grace. Just like God chooses us out of our estate of sin and misery in His grace. The topic for history this week is Creation through Noah. Benjamin has a book with Cd about Noah. So he played the CD and read along.  Samuel was working alone on a drawing, Nathaniel was working on some math problems, so I grabbed the opportunity to sneak  off for a clothes folding.

Let me sort of flash-back for just a moment. It seems like I have seen a lot of conflicting ideas about the doctrine of election lately. It might be in person or over the internet directed to me, or it might be an editorial in the Alabama Baptist newspaper where some bloke takes it upon himself to rewrite the five TULIP points to better fit with what he believes is “fair”.  So keep in mind that all this is floating in my head. As I was listening to the story of Noah, which I have always loved btw, it suddenly dawned on me. We read the story of Noah, how God rescued one family out of all the whole world and we call it gracious and wonderful. We read about Abraham, where one again God calls one, and we never hear anyone say “That is not fair”. Why is it that people want to pull the “fair” card when it comes to the New Covenant? Do they really think it is “fair” Jesus had to pay for their sins?

Do I think that my brain blast will help the whole world come to believe the same about God as I do? No, I do, however, think that it will help me when confronted with “I don’t think God creates people that He knows have chance of going to Heaven!”


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2 thoughts on “Brain Blast While Doing the Laundry

  1. Kelli,

    You’ve moved!

    I agree with your thoughts. “Fair” is always relative to yourself. It is only “fair” when it helps your cause and not when you suffer for it.

    Thank goodness that God isn’t fair with me, I couldn’t stand it. He treats me better than I deserve.

    Berean Wife

  2. mskelli on said:

    I am very thankful that God is not fair. If He gave me what I deserve, it would be horrible!

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