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Something Really Random

I have no idea why this memory would surface. A few nights ago, I was getting ready for bed and something just popped into my head. When I was in Kindergarten, a gypsy fortune teller came to our school. I am not sure why. She came into our classroom and read our palms. She also had a crystal ball and a spider. It was a big spider that she held on her hand and let people pet. EWWW! My fortune was that I would grow up to be a secretary. She said she could me sitting on my boss’s lap! What kind of person says this to a FIVE YEAR OLD?!??!?!?!?! I really didn’t think anything bad because A.) I was FIVE! Five year olds sit in grown ups laps all the time. B.) My mother watched a lot of soap operas that had women sitting on their boss’s laps. I thought it was normal.

My grandmother had a  fit when I came home from school. I didn’t get it at the time. I really do now.  Why Susan Moore School allowed a gypsy fortune teller to come talk to the kids is beyond me. Why this person told some of the kids the things she did is even more so beyond me. She made some kids cry. This little memory served as a reminder of why I homeschool. My kids are not being exposed to things that God says to stay away from.

Deuteronomy 18:13-15~You shall be blameless before the LORD your God, 14for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the LORD your God has not allowed you to do this.

Deuteronomy 18:10~There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer

Parents, we need to be on guard at all times. We need to teach our children what the Bible says about the big things that we feel are important (like salvation, repentance….) and the things that seem a little weird (sorcery, etc…) I didn’t know at that time fortune tellers were doing something that was against God. I didn’t realize later on life that ouija boards were bad. Or that reading books on paranormal and occultist things was so bad. I read almost every book that my high school library had on occults. I could tell you about auras, ghosts, crystals, you name it. It wasn’t until God brought me to a point where He scared the bejeepbers out of me that I started getting out of that and into the Bible. I am so glad He did.



Ahh…. Fall. I think this has the potential to be my favorite season of the year. The leaves change colors, the temperatures drop (but not too much!). There are less mosquitoes. Which is a good thing out here in lake country. However, fall is when allergies hit Benjamin and me HARD. Fall is when Samuel’s excema acts up. This fall, Mark has been sick with an upper respiratory/sinus infection.So things at our house have gone in slow motion. Week 6 of school was actually going to be nice. We were reading chapters 12-50 of Genesis to count as both history and Bible study. Not really a whole lot of other reading. So it was going to be a breeze. Then the Fall started moving in. We are still on week 6. It is going slow, but it is going. None of the boys have done Latin for the last two weeks. We have been working on the same chapters of English and Math for the past two weeks. We are only to chapter 20 in the Bible. But we are still going. This week has gone more smoothly than last week. Mark gets off work today at 12:00 then is off until 12:00 next Thursday, so its nice to know that he is here if my voice goes out again and I can’t teach.  We have been  able to do some of our art projects. Every book we have looked at that contained Mesopotamian art had statues of people with folded hands and BIG eyes. They reminded me of Benjamin for some reason. The big eyes really didn’t look buggy or catoonish, they looked innocent, inquisitive and almost sweet. Like Benjamin. I was tickled that he wanted to make his own Mesopotamian statue:


Samuel made a model of a Mesopotamian ziggurat that he saw in the book Old Testament Days. He stacked boxes and painted them brown, then did a top layer of brown paint mixed with cornmeal so it looked like it was made of mud bricks. DSC_0015

All the boys painted a color wheel recently


Nathaniel got tickled at the end because his pallet looked like a stocking.


Speaking of Nathaniel, he is THRIVING in his Science class. Samuel likes to help him gather his supplies for his experiments, so Samuel’s nickname when doing that is IGOR. I am not sure who came up with that one. Yesterday Nathaniel made little cardboard boats and used different materials as the “motors” (gum, toilet paper and soap) His purpose was to see which one propelled his boat further in still water.


Samuel and Benajmin really like the activities in Old Testament Days. We are studying the birth of the nation of Israel. Abram and Sarai were called to a life of nomadic wandering.  Can you imagine that? Going from living in a house, to living in tents. Samuel read about how they made a portable table out of a piece of leather. It was cut into a circle, then string looped through the edges it could so that it could be drawn into a bag to carry the plates and such around from one place to another. Samuel made one from plastic tablecloth fabric and ribbon. He and Benjamin both love to cook.  Yesterday they read about nomadic people eating locusts (EWWW)! We made fake locusts biscuits. Instead of crushing up dead bugs, we used crushed almonds. DSC_0040DSC_0041

The boys with their biscuts around Samuel's table

The boys with their biscuts around Samuel's table

warm biscuts with honey...mmmmmm

warm biscuts with honey...mmmmmm

So as you can see, we are learning, despite coughs, runny noses(Samuel likes keeping up with the changing color of my nose. Nothing like having kids to keep you humble!) and itchy, scaly skin.  Nathaniel has been working for three weeks on a very special art project that I can hardly wait to share. But I have to. It will be much more special to see it completed than just a bit.  Hopefully next week we will be back to doing everything at a regular pace.

Happy Video

A glad heart makes a cheerful face,
but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.

What kind of impact are you making on other people???? Are you bringing them up, or dragging them down?????

I Agree With Al Mohler

I feel pretty sure anyone reading this has heard that President Obama is giving a speech to be aired to school children. In addition, you have most definitely also heard about the huge brew-ha-ha surrounding said speech.
I have had really had mixed emotions about it. I do not trust the democratic party to do anything just for the sake of niceness. I also do not want to be some crazy conspiracy theorist who always thinks the government is out to get me. I have a hard time understanding why people think that the president of the country giving a speech to kids is trying to convey a socialist agenda. During my time in school I saw speeches by two presidents. (well, I guess I did, I don’t remember one of them) President Regan would  record  “Stay in school…..don’t do drugs….learn to read” messages. I remember getting excited to hear the president talk. We always made a big deal about it. The first George Bush also addressed school kids. I was in school at that time. I just don’t remember hearing him give a speech to us. Maybe he only did one and I was absent that day. I just don’t know. So, it really made me wonder what it was about this speech that had people so up in arms. I have not read the entire speech. The bits and pieces I have read said a lot of the same stuff as Regan. Work hard, stay in school. I finally began to realize that the speech itself is not what was so bad. The Dept. of Education (which I find extremely in need of a massive overhaul) has issued questions and activities for “after” the speech.  That is the bad stuff. Anyway, all that to share a bit written by Al Mohler. He is more well-spoken than me, and seems to have done more homework. You can find it here.

All in all, I do not like the direction the country is going, but let’s not make an issue where one does not need to exist.

Early Childhood Memories

On a homeschool forum someone was asking about memories. She was wondering if her kids are actually going to remember the stuff they are learning in homeschool. She was asking people to post memories they have of their early childhood days. That made me a little nostalgic. Most of you will probably be bored to tears if you start reading this, but some of you actually know me and might even remember something similar.

  • Pre-K- I had the most fabulous baby-sitter! She had a daughter just a little younger than me. We would play, make things, she cooked “blue salad” (a jello salad thing), she would take us to the park and zoo. We would play outside. She lived close to a sewing factory. Her daughter and I always wanted to play in the factory parking lot.
  • K- We only went 1/2 the year. My boyfriend kissed me behind the Christmas tree. My teacher was the sweetest and most enthusiastic teacher in the school. (as far as I knew) The second half of the year my grandfather lost his job so he was my babysitter. We would go to the beer store. I would sit at the bar eating peanuts and drinking Dr Pepper. We would make a chocolate cake in the afternoon to eat for breakfast the next morning.
  • 1-My teacher (who to this point I adored) asked to see my brand new shiny Calvin Klein belt. I thought she liked it. She used it to SPANK a boy in my class! My boyfriend of all the boys!!!
  • 2- I had the most precious teacher ever. Really. There was a girl in my class who would periodically get taken from her home and placed with foster parents. When with the foster parents, she came to school clean, fed, etc. When with her real parents, not so much. My teacher would get her off the bus early in the mornings, feed her breakfast, give her clean clothes to wear and brush her hair. That teacher came to a yard sale at my house to buy my old clothes that summer. My grandmother found out what she wanted them for and gave them to her.
  • 3-I had a rude wake up call! I went from wonderful teachers to a mean woman. She paddled the whole class, one at a time, in the class, in front of everyone, for not making 100 on a science test. (Her answer key was wrong,so some of us actually got 100) A girl in my class had to go on nerve pills because the teacher put so much pressure on us with timed multiplication tests. I made my first B.
  • 4- my school was having financial problems. I was in a class that was split half 4th graders/half 5th graders. I remember wondering if the white streak in the front of her hair was actually gray or if she just bleached that one part. I remember my reading teacher that year was the “complain about how teachers are underpaid type.”
  • 5- I was devastated the first day of school. We had two 5th grade teachers. The “cool” one and the mean man. Guess who I got? The man!! The big scary man who made people do math out of SEVEN different books!! (what older kids told me) I learned that year that sometimes the “cool” teacher is not so cool. (she was my reading teacher, I began to hate reading time) and that wherever my friends are is the cool class. Even if that means going to the class room that is separated from the rest of the school and I have a big mean-looking man who smokes every day after lunch for a teacher.
  • 6- I had a really good teacher. She read the Bible to us every morning. Even though she was told not to. She taught from her heart. She made history come alive. We wrote a class newspaper. We sang. We did art. We learned TONS about Mexico. We had an end of the year fiesta, complete with us making costumes and learning songs, which we went around to the whole elementary school to perform. It was great!
  • All years (K-6) I had the same librarian. She was precious. She would let me get books above my grade level. She used to make library day fabulous! She read aloud to us, even when we were not first graders. She picked stories that really got us excited. I can remember we would beg her to read more than one chapter. She was really great.
  • If you have vivid memories, why not share them in the comments?

Field Trip 9-2-09

We went on our first field trip of the year yesterday. Last year we did lots of field tripping, this year we are going to have to back off some since the classes are harder and there are more of them. We went to the Anniston Museum of Natural History. They have mummies. That is why we went. We got there and they told us to go through the museum in a certain order. Egypt was last on the tour. The grand finale. I was actually very impressed with the variety of items they had. What we saw first was dinosaurs and rocks. They even had an asteroid we could touch! DSC_0004
Most of the pictures did not turn out well, because the lighting was not very good for photos.
After the dinosaur/geology display they had a display of Alabama environment and animals. DSC_0016
After that they had other American animals and a hands on area for kids.DSC_0011
After that, they had a big display of Africa. I really like they way they had the Africa display set up. It was like starting at the southern tip and moving north. They had displays set up of animals and environments to represent savannahs, jungles, deserts, and the marshy lands. Finally, we got to Egypt. The whole point of driving an hour and half. Egypt! The mummies. DSC_0019
I have to admit something. Seeing these mummies gave me such a heavy heart. Mark said he felt the same way. Here were two people who tried to become immortal by having their bodies preserved. Their bodies have lasted for a very long time. They are now on display like some kind of freak show. People come from near and far to ooh and aahh over them. Their souls, however, are in hell. Forever. No amount of preserving could help them out. They had plaques showing what some of the hieroglyphs on the mummies meant, One of the mummies had a prayer written on it
It was so incredibly sad to see how they made such futile attempts to live forever. They were willing to make appeals to so many gods, but not to the all powerful true God.

Romans 1:21-23~ 21For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

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