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I Agree With Al Mohler

I feel pretty sure anyone reading this has heard that President Obama is giving a speech to be aired to school children. In addition, you have most definitely also heard about the huge brew-ha-ha surrounding said speech.
I have had really had mixed emotions about it. I do not trust the democratic party to do anything just for the sake of niceness. I also do not want to be some crazy conspiracy theorist who always thinks the government is out to get me. I have a hard time understanding why people think that the president of the country giving a speech to kids is trying to convey a socialist agenda. During my time in school I saw speeches by two presidents. (well, I guess I did, I don’t remember one of them) President Regan would  record  “Stay in school…..don’t do drugs….learn to read” messages. I remember getting excited to hear the president talk. We always made a big deal about it. The first George Bush also addressed school kids. I was in school at that time. I just don’t remember hearing him give a speech to us. Maybe he only did one and I was absent that day. I just don’t know. So, it really made me wonder what it was about this speech that had people so up in arms. I have not read the entire speech. The bits and pieces I have read said a lot of the same stuff as Regan. Work hard, stay in school. I finally began to realize that the speech itself is not what was so bad. The Dept. of Education (which I find extremely in need of a massive overhaul) has issued questions and activities for “after” the speech.  That is the bad stuff. Anyway, all that to share a bit written by Al Mohler. He is more well-spoken than me, and seems to have done more homework. You can find it here.

All in all, I do not like the direction the country is going, but let’s not make an issue where one does not need to exist.


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4 thoughts on “I Agree With Al Mohler

  1. It is so nice to have a friend that shares my brain. 🙂

  2. Kelli,

    You know this issue has been so hyped up lately. We do look like fools. 😦 Big complaints about a less than 20 minute speech, while no one thinks twice about their child sitting in school all day hearing who knows what. (pitiful)

    Berean Wife

    • mskelli on said:

      You’re right. That is one thing I have been wondering about: people are getting all in a tizzy when the speech is not nearly as bad as the “your body is changing” talks the schools give the kids or the lunch room, locker room, and playground conversations that the kids themselves are having. This is not something that we should be making a big issue of.

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