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The Lesson God Reminded me of in the Charter Office

While in town yesterday, my family stopped by the cable/internet/phone company to pay the bill because, well, we kind of enjoy those services and it would make our lives more difficult if those services were suddenly interrupted. It would appear that  everyone in Marshall county must have decided that their bill had to be paid YESTERDAY. The line was was backed up all the way to the door. UGH. So I take my place in line. A man came in after me. He said “Did you make this line?” Uh, no. It was here when I got here. So anyway, this man very loudly complains about the company and how he waited SEVEN hours to get his cable hooked up when he moved to Boaz from Albertville. He also said several times how he was thinking about dumping this company and getting a satellite. During all of this ranting and raving, he said a few things that weren’t very nice. As I FINALLY got to the payment counter I heard him say to someone “Hey, don’t you go to my church?” WOW. That really hit me. Here he was saying some bad stuff one minute, then talking about church the next. The lady said she wasn’t sure if they went to he same church or not so she asked which one. He said Lifepoint. He proceeded to tell her what a wonderful church it is and they always a good time  have a meal every Sunday night and where it is located.  What a bad witness he was for his church. First of all, he was not exactly the best witness of a Christian to begin with. As believers we are called to represent Christ in our lives.

1 Peter 2:9~But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Our job/duty/responsibility wherever we are is to “proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us” . We aren’t doing a good job of that if we are complaining and stirring up strife. We aren’t doing what we have been called to do if we are yelling at our kids. We are doing anyone a service if we are berating and belittling our husbands.

Another thing that struck me is that he was such a poor witness to his church. No mention of teaching. No mention of great ministries. Just that they have a good time and have a meal every Sunday night. Maybe that church does not have good strong teaching. Maybe all they have to offer is a good time and a meal. If so that is not the kind of church I would ever want to be associated with.

This was a wake-up call to me. I never know when people might be looking at my life. How I treat my family. How I treat the server at the restaurant. How I react to the moron on the street.  If you are a believer, your words are a very powerful witness to the world. Think about this :

James 3:10~From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.


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7 thoughts on “The Lesson God Reminded me of in the Charter Office

  1. Diane on said:

    One time I went to Walmart with my little puppy. I only needed one thing, and knew right where it was. It was sweltering outside, so I couldn’t leave her in the car, even if it was only for a moment, so I took her in with me. The greeter stopped me at the door and told me that I couldn’t bring a dog into the store. I told her that it was okay, I only needed one thing and would only be a minute. I walked away from her to get the item, knowing I’d be in and out before they could call security. That’s when she said it.
    Hey, don’t you go to First Baptist Church?
    I stopped in my tracks. I had forgotten that I was wearing an old VBS shirt with my church’s name printed on the back. As I was walking away from her, defying the rules, I was showing her wher I had learned that I was above those rules.
    I couldn’t believe I had been so hard hearted and sinful, right in front of God and everybody, with a label on my shirt proclaiming whose I was.
    It forever changed me. I don’t always wear a sign telling people where I go to church, but I should show that I’m a Christian with my actions.

    • mskelli on said:

      Wow, what a wake up! That actually reminds me of the time that we got cut off in traffic and Mark had recently announced his call to preach. I said “If you weren’t a preacher and that might be somebody we might go to church with one day I’d flip that person off!” Oh my, what he said next struck me right to the core. “You should be NOT flipping them off because you are a Christian, not because you are a preacher’s wife.” Talk about me feeling small.

  2. Kelli,

    People are watching you everywhere! The size of my family attracts attention whether I want it or not.

    Just Tuesday at Wal-mart the cashier went on and on about how “good” and well-behaved my children were. The funny thing is I thought they were being selfish and self-centered, especially since everyone was tired since that was our last stop in a loooong day. But some of that is due to noticing the heart behind the behavior and not just the behavior. Today I ran by Wal-mart to get something I needed, without the children, and the cashier was still talking about my children and how “good” they were.

    What if I had been yelling and snapping at the children? Not like the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. 😮

    We’ve also got a family of fish on the van. Someone actually asked me if that bothers me when I’m driving with people knowing I’m a Christian. I said no, if anything it helps to hold me accountable.

    Berean Wife

    • mskelli on said:

      Don’t you love getting comments like that???? I think Wal-Mart is a place that a lot of parents get tested. Kids see soooo much stuff to ask for, parents see soooo many $$$$$$ signs, not always a good combo. Nathaniel’s 3rd grade teacher looked everybody up in the yearbook when she got her class list. When we went to orientation to meet her she already knew his name and face. She said “I saw you at Walmart a few days ago and was going to come up and say something, but I was afraid I might be wrong about it being you. But now I recognize your family.” I started racking my brain wondering if that could have been a whiny and snappy kind of day or a ‘we are happiest family in the world kind of day.’ I try to keep my sharp tongue in check.

  3. Cindy Austin Belue on said:

    As a member of Lifepoint and on behalf of all other members of Lifepoint, let me assure you we definitely do have some excellent teaching. However, we also have an enormous outreach ministry. What that guy was referring to on Sunday nights is our Celebrate Recovery program – a program for recovering addicts of many various addictions. Many many of the people who attend CR never attend any other time. Some of them are even court ordered to attend. However, not only do we provide a great meal, we try to make sure that they know they are loved and that no matter where they are in their walk with Christ, that He loves them too. A lot of the people who attend CR begin the program as non-believers and end up getting saved thru that program. We have many wonderful testimonies to the saving power and mercy of Jesus Christ. With our church growing every week as it has been now for just over 3 years, we see people getting saved left and right. Obviously those new Christians have to learn to be a good witness and control their attitudes and emotions – something I myself have to try to keep in check daily, even though I have been a Christian for 31 years. I’m not saying you were wrong to think or feel what you did, but just that to post the name of the church and to even remotely suggest that all we offer is a good meal was on the borderline of being judgmental. I fail in my walk every single day and obviously that guy failed that day. For all we know, he may not even be a Christian yet; he may have started because of a court order and then decided to stick around. Maybe he hasn’t made a decision to follow Christ yet, but hopefully if he hasn’t, he will soon. I am thankful for our church and the countless lives it has touched thru our outreach programs. I would ask that you or anyone else who reads this comment, please pray for Lifepoint and all our ministries there. Pray that the Celebrate Recovery program will continue to be a success and that lives will continue to be touched every Sunday night. And pray for those workers who spend their whole Sunday afternoon in the kitchen preparing a meal for people who may or may not appreciate it. And pray for me – that I myself, will be a better witness daily.

    • mskelli on said:

      Cindy, The point of this post was not to bash Lifepoint. The point was that God reminded me of the fact that our lives are our testimony. Whether we like it or not, people are watching us. People do judge us (and our church) by our actions and words. We as Christians are called to live lives of holiness. If I go to a store in one of my Bakers Chapel shirts and proceed to insult the people who work there, or talk to Mark and the boys like they are the scum of the earth, how does that reflect on me, my church and my testimony? That was what I meant by this post. Not to insult anyone or their church.

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