The Land of Boys

Learning to live in a house full of testosterone

He’s Got It All Figured Out……And A Wife Is Just Not Necessary

While we were riding in the car tonight Samuel declared that he does not to get married when he grows up. When asked why he did not want to get married he replied, “My legs would get tired from all that standing.”(Say whhhaaat????) Mark asked him to elaborate. He said that the last wedding we went to “they had to stand up for like two whole hours!” Hmmm…. so he does not want to get married because he would have to stand up during the ceremony.

Mark asked, “Who would cook for you?” To which Samuel responded, “I will cook for myself.”

Then Mark asked who would give him back scratches. “I can use a flyswatter.”

To which Mark said, “Who would rub your shoulders after a long day at work?” Without missing a beat he said, “I’ll get a monkey and teach it to rub my shoulders. A space monkey from NASA.” (where does he come up with this stuff???)

Mark said, “What about when you are sick? Who will take care of you?” Samuel said he can call 911.

“Don’t you want to ever have a little boy of your own?” his daddy asked. “I can get a mannequin,” came the reply.

Nice to know has all his bases covered. After this conversation we sang this:

We made it to the line “That old massa was a gasser” Nathaniel said, “He was a gasser like you,” and pointed at Benjamin. At which point we all busted out laughing.  It was a fun ride home.


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