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Keep a Poem in Your Heart

Several years my mother gave the boys all the Random House Book of Poetry for Children for Christmas. It has been one of those gifts that has been used over and over. Benjamin especially loves it. Two of his favorites are written by the same person. Dorothy Aldis either is the female version of Benjamin or has a child just like him. If you do not believe me, read these poems:


Wasps like coffee.






My Nose

It doesn’t breathe;

It doesn’t smell;

It doesn’t feel So very well.

I am discouraged

With my nose:

The only thing it

Does is blows.

Benjamin’s assignment was to create a poem of all verbs. He decided to write one about school.




(I promise not all days are like this! :))


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7 thoughts on “Keep a Poem in Your Heart

  1. I think my kids might write a poem just like this. Isn’t it sad that they only remember the bad days. Oh well, I know the good days exist even if they don’t remember them. Have a blessed weekend.

    • mskelli on said:

      Thanks for stopping by!! It does seem like this is what they remember. Oh well, maybe one day they will look back and remember the fun times, the messes, the giggles…..

  2. Kelli,

    Actually that sounds like my days some times, especially if you add crying. 😦

    They will look back fondly. My 18 yr old has decided He would be glad to come back to homeschool instead of being grown up and working. Oh, well, he had his time and didn’t always appreciate it.

    Berean Wife

  3. Just to be clear I mean I’m the one arguing, sulking and crying. 😮

    • mskelli on said:

      That has been me some days, too. Benjamin has decided that writing (both as in reports and as in cursive) are not important. He complains some days that his assignments are too easy, some days that they are too hard. Samuel wants me to do all his writing, and he can just say things out loud. (although,, I must admit that I am very thankful that he has finally reading for himself is better than me reading to him) Nathaniel has decided that he is a slow reader. Never mind that he can read college level science books, pretty quickly and then repeat them to me. If it is an assigned reading that is not scientific, he goes very slowly. He spent 45 minutes looking up four vocab words one day. I have to set the kitchen timer to keep him on a pace.

      On the flip side, when they are talking to their friends I get tickled. Their friends were talking in church about what they are doing in school. Benjamin is shocked that his ps buddies are not doing multiplication yet. A little boy was having dinner with us one night and my kids were telling him that we were having Mexican food because we had been studying the Mayans. He didn’t know who the Mayans were. Now we are doing Greek Mythology. They are all loving it. Nathaniel loves seeing how many things in the space program have been named after mythological figures. We went to one of Mark’s relative’s house today and saw peacock feathers in a flower arrangement. There is a myth about how the feathers got their spots. I love seeing how the boys are making connections about ancient religions and how they are doing things that God disapproves.

      • My middle son will sit all day and accomplish nothing. Actually, he is the only one I really have trouble with right now. But at least he is reading on his own, although slightly below grade level. He would have been “labeled” in public school so everything is much harder for him than for the others. Some is due to his character and some just more difficulty with learning. When he graduates from highschool, believe me, we will both be celebrating.

        Berean Wife

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