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Why I Do Not Want To See Toy Story 3

I have kids. They have toys. It seems logical that I should want to see TS3. I mean, Buzz and Woody have been around the whole time I have kids. We have so many fun memories of Nathaniel (who made up his own language) playing with Buzz a Bee (Buzz and Woody) and saying, “Booka booka, Booka a beeeee!!!” (To infinity, and beyond!) When the second movie came out, McDonald’s had at least 9,457,269,852 Happy Meal toys that went along with it. We wanted Nathaniel to have all of them. So every day for what seemed like forever, I would have a Happy Meal on my lunch break. The employees would ask what toy I wanted when I ordered. We had movies 1 and 2 on video. Here’s Nathaniel on his 3rd birthday watching one of them.

That was 10 years ago. He will be 13 next month. A teenager. 14 months until he begins high school. Five years until college. He is no longer the little weird kid who takes everything apart. He’s the big  weird kid that can fix things for me and hook up my DVD player. 😀 He is going to not like being called a kid soon.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I wouldn’t want want to keep my kids little, even if I could. Sure, babies and little kids are sweet and cute. They have that sweet little Johnson and Johnson smell about them. But there is a dark side to little kids. Sometimes they make up their own language. That might even cause their dads to argue with them for 45 minutes on the way home from church about how to say “Piglet” (It’s “PIGLET, son” NO, it KANYE, Daddy“) They look at you with innocent eyes, tell you how much they love you and then you turn the corner to realize that they decorated your off-white love seat with burgundy lipstick. While big boys might occasionally miss the toilet with their aim, it’s better  than having little kids who ‘forget’ to go to the bathroom until it’s too late. I love my big kids. It is just hard to accept sometimes that they don’t need me. I’m Pooh Bear. They are Christopher Robin.

So, I read a review about the movie. Because, even though it is Toy Story, sometimes people who make movies targeted at kids do not have a clue as to what is appropriate for kids. Do you know what this movie is about? Andy is grown up and going off to college.  (In the world of children’s entertainment college is some black hole that you go into but are never seen again-Pink Ranger, Steve, you get my drift.) So there is a lot of letting go in this movie. Andy is letting go of his childhood, moving into manhood. His toys are getting donated.  His mom is letting go of her little boy. And that is the part I am least looking forward to.

This weekend Nathaniel and I have a rare opportunity. Mark and the two little boys are going to camp. We are just going to be on our own. He is going to have my  full, undivided attention. I had originally planned to send him, too, whether he wanted to go or not. I was going to get lesson plans drawn up and the house completely scoured, cleaned and shined. But that stuff can wait. I have a boy turning into a man right in front of eyes. If I blink, I might miss it.


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49 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Want To See Toy Story 3

  1. Wow, did I need to read this today. My last ‘big boy’ is home between college and start of law school, and I’m grumbling at the work I’m having to do instead of being thankful for having my baby here one more summer.

    I’d go back, even for a minute, to those precious days you’re getting to experience now. All those old people who tell you it goes too fast?

    We’re right.

    (Love the song. My kids can sing it word for word – all three of them. :))

    • Congrats on your son going to law school! I was 21 the first year of law school, and completely clueless.

      And why do parents consider adult children babies? I tried to buy my dad lunch today – I’m finally making good money- but he refused.

  2. mskelli on said:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mrs Thurman. It already seems to be going by too fast. Sometimes I wish I could just pause the world and enjoy the moment. By the way, thanks for posting the song on Facebook. I would have never this version on my own.

  3. Raul on said:

    This was a great story to read… 🙂 Makes me want to see Toy Story 3 now. These years…they pass quickly.

    • mskelli on said:

      What is weird about raising kids is that it seems sometimes like days drag on and on and on, yet the years just fly by.

      • kelliejwin on said:

        That is so true! There are days when I can’t wait to get the kids to bed because they are driving me crazy and the next second I know it’s summer break and another school year is over. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy every moment but we should remember to enjoy as many moments as we can!

  4. You know, Toy Story 3 might not be right for you. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great film. It’s funny and exciting and, toward the end, absolutely heartbreaking, at least for adults. My kids are 10 and 4. They loved the movie, but they loved it on a kid’s level. It works as a kid’s movie. The adults in the theater, though, were blubbering, because the ending was absolutely right. It was emotionally honest and sad and happy, all at the same time. If you cried during Up, you’d bawl in Toy Story 3. (Personally, I didn’t cry. I, uh, my allergies were bothering me.)

    • mskelli on said:

      That’s exactly what I am afraid of. Emotionally honest. Up was very tear jerking. Hope your *allergies are better! 🙂

  5. Loved the blog! My baby boy is about to turn 26 next month, has been a sheriff’s deputy since he was 18. I miss the toy days so much when I see him in uniform, he was so much safer back then! Cherish every moment dad, it slips by SO fast!


    • mskelli on said:

      Thanks for stopping by! Wow, a sheriff’s deputy. You must be so proud of him. That does sound nerve-racking, though!

  6. i loved toy story 3, probably because i’ve literally grown up with the movies. i’m thankful that, for our crowd who has evolved, the films have evolved as well to reflect some of our current circumstances. not gonna lie, though – i might’ve shed a tear or two. 🙂

    • Taylor Smith on said:

      (A comment from another Taylor!)

      I’m a college student now and I’ve grown up with Toy Story. This new edition is definitely the best one. Its not all sad you know, kids and adults are laughing through out the film, and though you might want to shed a few tears at the end, its heart-warming and even children pick up on that feeling.

      Though you may not want to see it because of personal timing, I recommend that you do see it – and preferably with your kids.

      It’ll make you appreciate each other that much more. 🙂

  7. Kolush on said:

    “When it comes to family, we’re all kids at heart.” I like this post. Kinda better understand and appreciate my parents’ actions and all…though I still do not like to be treated like a kid. So… NICE WORK! ;D

  8. You should be proud of the fact that your kids are heading toward a time when they don’t need you. That means you’re doing your job! They’re growing into adulthood. It’s becoming more and more common to hear about people in their 30s and 40s still mooching off their parents. So while the idea of Andy going off to college and donating his toys may seem sad, the alternative seems pathetic. Congratulations on being so good at the hardest job in the world!

  9. Deline on said:

    It’s important that we know how to raise our kids. They will be the future leaders of tomorrow. Imparting moral values with good discipline will see your kids grow up tall and strong, loving mummy and daddy because they will grow up being thankful for their upbringing. It’s wise to invest in your kids with early education of good discipline.

  10. “There is a dark side to little kids.” LOL! Ain’t that the truth. I have girls. And, trust me, a twelve-year-old girl will make you wish she was 4 again! 🙂

    • kelliejwin on said:

      My oldest is 12, too and there are days when I’m not sure she is mine because I don’t remember when my sweet little girl turned into a snarly beast!

  11. I grew up with these films and am now in college. Since this came out during the summer I had the chance to see this with both my parents and they both loved how it portrayed Andy growing up and going off to college.

    It allowed them to express something they probably wouldn’t have otherwise and that, for me, made the film worth watching.

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  13. skinneejay on said:

    Pixar movies aren’t exactly for kids. Toy Story 3 is actually aimed more at teenagers and adults. It’s arguably Pixar’s darkest film yet. Considering your kids are now teenagers, I highly recommend you see it. You can even see it on your own. Pixar’s movies are for everyone (As a kid, I wouldn’t pick up how brilliant the second film’s script is).

    Me, I’m a teenager but I’m still as close to my parents as I used to be.

  14. Wow! I didn´t see Toy Story 3 yet so I cannot say I almost cried because of that, but when I came to the end of your post I suddenly realized what you were going through and you touched my heart: I also live in the Land of Boys. They are 2, 5 and 8 years old now so I´m sitll having fun with my housefull of testosterone!! Thanks for your post!

  15. My son is 14 yo and we had the same situation,he also had the same Woody doll -it irritated after some time and I couldn’t wait for the voice to die.Mean mom.I used to take all the batteries out of the loud toys. “It’s not working? Oh my, the batteries must be dead”. 😀

    Reading your piece makes me not want to see TS3 either, yet I was sooooo looking forward to it! Snif!

    Enjoy your summer and keep up with he good writing.

  16. It seems like this movie is hitting all the right buttons with their fan base. Kids that grew up on the films are getting older, just like Andy. And the parents too have watched their kids grow out of toys just like in the movie.

    I’m not big into the animated films but I think I have to watch it, just because I’m so familiar with the others.


  17. Thank you! I did see Toy Story 3 on Sunday and I held my “big boy” who is 3 1/2 in my lap as he held his Woody Doll in his lap. We too love the movies and watch them over and over. Your assessment of the movie is right on. Although the kids all loved the movie I think it was just for me. LOL I sobbed through the entire movie and held my “big Boy” so tightly. Thank you for your post!

  18. That was depressing.
    Now I don’t want to see the movie either.
    Maybe my son and I will go see the Last Airbender instead. That’s a nice action movie, and he’s been watching the cartoons for years. Plus, there won’t be any horrible sentimental crying about losing your childhood. (I hope).

  19. dude… I put up rants all over wordpress… I go off on people for their one sided oints of view. One out of ten posts is understanding and supportive- the rest are just plain old hostile with a point to make.

    You… just reduced me to a f*cking watery eyed mess.

    Your kids are lucky to have you.

    You keep up the good work and god bless, whatever god that is you feel best about.

  20. I loved the movie! Loved, loved, loved it. The best part was when I looked to my right and saw the giant smile on my three year old daughters face. Her whole face like up and it stayed that way during the entire movie. Once the movie ended and the lights came on she looked at me and said, “do it again.” I laughed and told her we would see it again just not again today.

  21. Touching.
    I totally feel you.
    Mine are 20-29.
    But guess what?
    There are babies again in grandchildren and it’s pretty darn cool.

  22. jdfptravelblog on said:

    I agree its also like all other ‘3’ movies they have just warn out the poor little guy at ‘3’ just let him end

  23. Nice post. The second kick at getting things ‘right’ with grandkids just isn’t the same. We want to get these kids and these moments….My Baby (4th of 4) graduates H.S. in a few days and asked if I wanted to go to TS3 today. We just returned home. I refused to leave the theatre until the screen went dark (she rolled her eyes and waited in the lobby). You just don’t want some things to end (some days), but they do…

  24. chris on said:

    Great post!

  25. Great job, I also have a couple of kids, 15 and 11, both of them have had the ‘toys’ and grew up watching both movies. Walking through the store the other day with my 15 year old daughter, a Buzz Lightyear caught her eye, and all the memories of that toy being stepped on after fighting to get her to go to sleep for hours. The memories that came back were not all bad, I stopped walking and gave her a big hug. She is becoming a beautiful young lady, we are going to go and see the new one on Wednesday night as a family. I have already warned them that I am going to cry and I am man enough to admit it. Thank you for posting, and a hearty “To Infinity and Beyond” to you and your boys…..

  26. Beth on said:

    I feel the same way about the new Shrek movie. It had nothing to do with children and it was more about the problems of a real marriage. Will I go see TS3? Probably not but, it’s only a couple bucks to rent it later on. XD

  27. I think TS3 movie is innocent for chridren and adults can look for entertainment.

  28. Songbird on said:

    Nothing shows us the passing of time like children… they will be young adults in a blink of an eye…

  29. I love toy story, but I just think they over did the whole thing. I only like the first one. I am 20 and I still have a woody doll that I found at a garage sale. I’m planning on giving it to my daughter when she old enough, but I enjoyed your post. Thanks

  30. sandrajo on said:

    5 days ago my middle daughter provided my husband and I with our first grandson – so I have spent the last days snuggling with a newborn. I have dropped all 3 of my daughters off at colleges (away from home) and cried as I drove off. Motherhood is a bittersweet job.
    Our number one job as a parents (especially Christian parents) is to release our children to go and do what God has prepared them to do. It is hard for sure, but we follow our Lord’s example of sending His son to earth.
    It is a great feeling to see the Lord work in your children, to see them follow the God you have followed. It is a great blessing to hold your child’s child and to pray for him to do the same. God is faithful, and is with us Mamas as we release our children.
    Many Blessings sent you ….

  31. sweavo on said:

    You should watch it with your boy/man. It might give you a reference point for discussions in the turbulent times ahead when all points of reference are clouded.

  32. I don’t have any kids yet, but I do want to watch Toy Story 3 (especially the 3D version). Love the animation, and the theme is good too. Can’t wait to watch it.
    And for all parents, enjoy your precious time with your children. Yeah, time flies. I like your quote, mskelli, “If I blink, I might miss it.”


  34. antoeknee2 on said:

    Great Blog!

  35. I’m a little behind you fella, my boys are 8 and 6 and there’s not a day goes by without Jack the youngest asking about TS3, lol. (actually I can’t wait either!)

    I’m dreading the day that these little monkeys leave the tree.

    Great Post, love your style of writing.

    Respect and Peace!

  36. squirrelsloveacorns on said:

    I loved the toy story 3 movie but you are very correct, there is a lot of letting go. The end actually had people crying in the theater which shouldn’t happen in a kids movie.

    Granted it was extremely well done, the characters were right on like in the other movies, and the plot was really interesting.

    But it made me think of the girl I babysat for 8 years. She is going into 3rd grade in the fall and I’ve babysat her since she was born. It made me think of the fact that she is growing up and I don’t want to see her go to college quicker than she needs to.

    Overall I support your decision though, I would see it at some point of you have the chance, just not right now.

  37. Meh. I still want to see Wall-E. A customer at work said she loved Toy Story (the first two), but thought Wall-E was slow and boring. If I could, I would have told her that she’s slow and boring.

  38. Mr.Saeed on said:

    I don’t have any kids yet, but I do want to watch Toy Story 3

  39. You should definitely go see TS3! I did a review on my blog…go read it! It’s one of the most well-done films I’ve seen in ages. See it with your son. You’ll laugh and cry and be so glad you did. Promise. 🙂

  40. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    I’m enjoying reading through your blog, and will definitely be coming back!

  41. Hi! I just wanted to share with you my new blog in English (I´m argentinean) because I mention your inspiring blog in my first post. You can check it out here

    Thanks again for sharing your experience in the land of boys, love,

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