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My First Adventure in the World of Super-Couponing

I am always after a good deal. You might call me thrifty or frugal. You might just call me cheap. Whatever you choose to call it, I hate to pay full price if I can help it. There are certain things in life I don’t buy unless I have a coupon or there is a special going on.  Sometimes I will clip coupons out of the newspaper or look online to find coupons for something I am going to buy. I have heard of people who go to drugstores and walk away with hundreds of dollars worth of items for just pennies. That blows my mind. I go into a drugstore and get my prescriptions or whatever and gawk over some of the prices of other items. Until yesterday……..


I have learned from reading on the internet the thing to do is to break your purchase down from one big purchase into smaller ones. That makes for less out of pocket spending.  Here was my plan. I was going to Walgreen’s. They have a system called Register Rewards. You buy certain items, a coupon for a certain amount that can be applied toward your next purchase prints out. My first purchase was planned:

Method Hand Soap price:$2.99 /$2.00 Register Rewards

Flossers $2.00/$2.00 Register Rewards

4 Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrushes 3@.99, 1@$1.59, 2 coupons for $1.00 off =$2.56/$4.00 Register Rewards

Total=$8.15/$8.00 Register Rewards

Next purchase:

Palmolove Dish Detergent 5@ $1.00 each/ $1.00 Register Reward

Osteo Bi-Flex $9.99, coupon $6.00 off/$1.00 Register Reward

6 chocolate bars@.49 each, .75 off

Using the $8.00 Register Rewards from above total =$3.43

Grand Total= $11.58 out of pocket for what would have $22.17 in one purchase.

When I got there I first realized I have no idea where anything is in Walgreen’s.  Shopping is much more pleasant when you know where what you are looking for can be found. So I start slowly making my way down the aisles. Chocolate was right by the shopping baskets, easy find. Hand soap, aisle one-once again, easy find. A few aisles over I find dental care. No Crystal Clean toothbrushes. I asked a sales associate. She said she can give me a rain check for the sale price, but not the Register Rewards. Bummer. So I am trying to figure out how to reconfigure my purchases to get the most bang for my buck. I finally settle on replacing the toothbrushes with a Schick Quattro razor that is on sale for $8.99. It has $3.00 in Register Rewards AND I happen to have a coupon for $3.00 off in my purse. So I get to the register. I ring up my first purchase. $12.10. More than I had wanted to spend, but I am getting my son’s first razor. My Register Rewards start printing. $2.00, $2.00, nothing. Huh?! I asked the cashier. She looked at the sale paper. She called her manager. The manager said we can return the item or opt for a rebate via snail mail. HMPH! I chose snail mail. Next purchase. One of the bottles of dish detergent came open and leaked. I was paying for the detergent and Osteo Bi-Flex.  With the coupon and Register Rewards it totaled $6.19. I go to hand her my debit card, and it is not there. I look through my coupons, nothing. I look in my purse, nothing. Mark was there and whipped his card out to the rescue. So them I hand over the chocolate and the coupon, and the last two Register Rewards. My total was .43 on that. Handed her a $1.00 and got change from it. I finally found my card. Dummy me had put it in the wrong holder in my wallet. So for a total of $18.72 we got what would have been $54.24 without sales and coupons. (although $15.72 for all that WOULD have been more impressive) Not quite as impressive as the folks who get a year’s supply of something for under a buck, but not too shabby.



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