The Land of Boys

Learning to live in a house full of testosterone

Links to helpful websites

Westminster Shorter Catechism Family Devotions-This only has questions 1-28. What is there is awesome!!! I love it! My kids (and I) have learned the Catechism very easily!

Songs and Hymns– Thank you, thank you, thank you, Annemarie for showing me this!!!  Not only is there a high quality mp3 of the hymn (which you can download), there is also a devotional on the hymn, a background story, and five short, daily audio lessons! Perfect.

Calvary Chapel– They have  worksheets, crossword puzzles, and coloring sheets to go along with hundreds of Bible stories.

Spelling City– a place to enter the spelling words you give your kids and they can learn how to spell them, play games with them and even test on them. (My kiddos love the game Hangmouse)

DLTK– loads of fun activities for the little kids

Mission Arlington– Bible curriculum. Can be used for a home or a church setting.

Classics for Kids– Great for composer studies

WorksheetWorks– Great place for making FREE customizable worksheets for a wide variety of subjects

Super Teacher Worksheets– Wide variety of pre-made worksheets.

Headventure Land– WONDERFUL resource by the folks at Classical Academic Press. There are videos, games, readers and more to help practice your Latin, Spanish, and Greek, including a weekly Latin derivative.  GREAT!!

Highland Heritage– tons of forms for planning,  reports and projects.  There is even a special section with links and special helps for years 1 and 2 of Tapestry of Grace. (That would be ancient history through the American Revolution for non-TOGers.)

Ambleside Online- This is actually a website for people wanting to do a Charlotte Mason-type  approach to homeschooling. There are booklists for every grade. What I love about it is the plethora of links provided.  Links for art, music, Shakespeare, Plutarch, poetry… you get my drift.

Super Teacher Worksheets- spelling word lists, math worksheets, geography helps, so much stuff available at your fingertips!

CHEF- Christian Home Educators of Alabama. Helpful info for those in the state of Alabama who would like to begin their homeschool journey.

CBBC– Children’s BBC. Some of the content on here is not available worldwide. There are several games and activities that are useful to homeschoolers.

Freely Educate– A jack pot of free curriculum! If you just want to look for a single subject or the whole shebang you can find it here!!!

Education Place– a great practice for practicing spelling and vocabulary words

Youtube– I know this may sound strange to some people. However, if you are studying history, there are lots of songs and short films on Youtube that help. Same goes for Science. There are several songs to help your students learn about the world around them. You can even look at microscope slides! Want some examples of logical fallacies? Youtube has tons of commercials, both old and new.



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