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Early Childhood Memories

On a homeschool forum someone was asking about memories. She was wondering if her kids are actually going to remember the stuff they are learning in homeschool. She was asking people to post memories they have of their early childhood days. That made me a little nostalgic. Most of you will probably be bored to tears if you start reading this, but some of you actually know me and might even remember something similar.

  • Pre-K- I had the most fabulous baby-sitter! She had a daughter just a little younger than me. We would play, make things, she cooked “blue salad” (a jello salad thing), she would take us to the park and zoo. We would play outside. She lived close to a sewing factory. Her daughter and I always wanted to play in the factory parking lot.
  • K- We only went 1/2 the year. My boyfriend kissed me behind the Christmas tree. My teacher was the sweetest and most enthusiastic teacher in the school. (as far as I knew) The second half of the year my grandfather lost his job so he was my babysitter. We would go to the beer store. I would sit at the bar eating peanuts and drinking Dr Pepper. We would make a chocolate cake in the afternoon to eat for breakfast the next morning.
  • 1-My teacher (who to this point I adored) asked to see my brand new shiny Calvin Klein belt. I thought she liked it. She used it to SPANK a boy in my class! My boyfriend of all the boys!!!
  • 2- I had the most precious teacher ever. Really. There was a girl in my class who would periodically get taken from her home and placed with foster parents. When with the foster parents, she came to school clean, fed, etc. When with her real parents, not so much. My teacher would get her off the bus early in the mornings, feed her breakfast, give her clean clothes to wear and brush her hair. That teacher came to a yard sale at my house to buy my old clothes that summer. My grandmother found out what she wanted them for and gave them to her.
  • 3-I had a rude wake up call! I went from wonderful teachers to a mean woman. She paddled the whole class, one at a time, in the class, in front of everyone, for not making 100 on a science test. (Her answer key was wrong,so some of us actually got 100) A girl in my class had to go on nerve pills because the teacher put so much pressure on us with timed multiplication tests. I made my first B.
  • 4- my school was having financial problems. I was in a class that was split half 4th graders/half 5th graders. I remember wondering if the white streak in the front of her hair was actually gray or if she just bleached that one part. I remember my reading teacher that year was the “complain about how teachers are underpaid type.”
  • 5- I was devastated the first day of school. We had two 5th grade teachers. The “cool” one and the mean man. Guess who I got? The man!! The big scary man who made people do math out of SEVEN different books!! (what older kids told me) I learned that year that sometimes the “cool” teacher is not so cool. (she was my reading teacher, I began to hate reading time) and that wherever my friends are is the cool class. Even if that means going to the class room that is separated from the rest of the school and I have a big mean-looking man who smokes every day after lunch for a teacher.
  • 6- I had a really good teacher. She read the Bible to us every morning. Even though she was told not to. She taught from her heart. She made history come alive. We wrote a class newspaper. We sang. We did art. We learned TONS about Mexico. We had an end of the year fiesta, complete with us making costumes and learning songs, which we went around to the whole elementary school to perform. It was great!
  • All years (K-6) I had the same librarian. She was precious. She would let me get books above my grade level. She used to make library day fabulous! She read aloud to us, even when we were not first graders. She picked stories that really got us excited. I can remember we would beg her to read more than one chapter. She was really great.
  • If you have vivid memories, why not share them in the comments?

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