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Petunia-Style Church Goers

Recently I read the story of Petunia with the boys. This has long been a family favorite at our house, but for those who may not be as familiar I will get a short recap.¬† Petunia is a silly goose who finds a book in the meadow. She had once overheard someone say that “He who owns books and loves them is wise.” So she thinks having this book and loving it will make her wise. She carries it around under her wing and becomes very proud. All the barnyard animals notice that something is different about her. She gives them advice, whether they ask for it or not. Apparently, nobody seems to notice that her advice is terrible until she ends up telling a bunch of animals that a box of fireworks is a box of candy. They start to eat it and BOOM!!! They end up bruised and burned. The firecracker blew the book and for the first time Petunia saw the pages with words written on them. She realized it was not enough to carry wisdom under her wing; she must have it in her heart and mind. To do that she must learn to read. The book ends with Petunia¬† holding up an ABC book.

It reminds me of a lot of people in churches. Some people go to church week after week. They can clean up well and look very respectful. They might even have a job (or multiple jobs) within their church. People can begin to think that person is very important, very Godly, and very respectful. But if a person simply goes to church to be seen and does not live what they act, they are more like a silly goose than like a Christian. Christ said for believers to pick up their cross daily and follow Him. He never said “pick up your Bible a few times a week and act important.” To truly become wise we must do something similar to Petunia. We need to get our Bibles out from under our wings and open them up. Wow, there are words inside! We need to read those words. We need to have those words in our hearts and minds always.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7


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