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Ahh…. Fall. I think this has the potential to be my favorite season of the year. The leaves change colors, the temperatures drop (but not too much!). There are less mosquitoes. Which is a good thing out here in lake country. However, fall is when allergies hit Benjamin and me HARD. Fall is when Samuel’s excema acts up. This fall, Mark has been sick with an upper respiratory/sinus infection.So things at our house have gone in slow motion. Week 6 of school was actually going to be nice. We were reading chapters 12-50 of Genesis to count as both history and Bible study. Not really a whole lot of other reading. So it was going to be a breeze. Then the Fall started moving in. We are still on week 6. It is going slow, but it is going. None of the boys have done Latin for the last two weeks. We have been working on the same chapters of English and Math for the past two weeks. We are only to chapter 20 in the Bible. But we are still going. This week has gone more smoothly than last week. Mark gets off work today at 12:00 then is off until 12:00 next Thursday, so its nice to know that he is here if my voice goes out again and I can’t teach.  We have been  able to do some of our art projects. Every book we have looked at that contained Mesopotamian art had statues of people with folded hands and BIG eyes. They reminded me of Benjamin for some reason. The big eyes really didn’t look buggy or catoonish, they looked innocent, inquisitive and almost sweet. Like Benjamin. I was tickled that he wanted to make his own Mesopotamian statue:


Samuel made a model of a Mesopotamian ziggurat that he saw in the book Old Testament Days. He stacked boxes and painted them brown, then did a top layer of brown paint mixed with cornmeal so it looked like it was made of mud bricks. DSC_0015

All the boys painted a color wheel recently


Nathaniel got tickled at the end because his pallet looked like a stocking.


Speaking of Nathaniel, he is THRIVING in his Science class. Samuel likes to help him gather his supplies for his experiments, so Samuel’s nickname when doing that is IGOR. I am not sure who came up with that one. Yesterday Nathaniel made little cardboard boats and used different materials as the “motors” (gum, toilet paper and soap) His purpose was to see which one propelled his boat further in still water.


Samuel and Benajmin really like the activities in Old Testament Days. We are studying the birth of the nation of Israel. Abram and Sarai were called to a life of nomadic wandering.  Can you imagine that? Going from living in a house, to living in tents. Samuel read about how they made a portable table out of a piece of leather. It was cut into a circle, then string looped through the edges it could so that it could be drawn into a bag to carry the plates and such around from one place to another. Samuel made one from plastic tablecloth fabric and ribbon. He and Benjamin both love to cook.  Yesterday they read about nomadic people eating locusts (EWWW)! We made fake locusts biscuits. Instead of crushing up dead bugs, we used crushed almonds. DSC_0040DSC_0041

The boys with their biscuts around Samuel's table

The boys with their biscuts around Samuel's table

warm biscuts with honey...mmmmmm

warm biscuts with honey...mmmmmm

So as you can see, we are learning, despite coughs, runny noses(Samuel likes keeping up with the changing color of my nose. Nothing like having kids to keep you humble!) and itchy, scaly skin.  Nathaniel has been working for three weeks on a very special art project that I can hardly wait to share. But I have to. It will be much more special to see it completed than just a bit.  Hopefully next week we will be back to doing everything at a regular pace.


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