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Funny Samuelisms

Samuel is always cracking us up with stuff he says. This weekend he has kept us rolling with:

(Friday morning before his brothers were up)Samuel: (big smile)Want me to wake the brothers for you?

Me: Sure, in just a few minutes. Breakfast will be ready soon. But don’t use the shofar. Dad’s got to sleep late for work.

Samuel: (smile fading) Nevermind.

(coming in from outside on Saturday) Me: Did you have fun outside?

Samuel: Yes

Me: Did you find some rocks? (he likes to collect strange and unusual rocks)

Samuel: Yes, but just a chitlin, a shark fin and a piece of toast.

(Mark and I looking at each other like huh?) Whaaaat?

Samuel: A chitlin, a shark fin and a piece of toast. That’s all I could afford.

(oh, well thanks for clearing THAT one up)

Later same evening, Samuel is playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He knocks his opponent off the stage: Ha-ah!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!! (me: wondering where he gets this stuff)

And just a few minutes ago  I was tucking him in bed.

Me: Tomorrow is a brand new week.

Samuel: You know the best thing about Monday?

Me: What?

Samuel: It means only four more days til the next weekend.

Me: I thought you like to learn new things during the week.

Samuel: I do, but sometimes I just get so tired from doing school work every single day!

Sometimes you just have to smile and thank God for the the little ways He sends to make you blessed. Samuel is such a blessing. I cannot imagine life without him.


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