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Not Trying to Celebrate a Death…..

but I am glad that this guy is being put to death rather kept alive in prison for 50 or more years.  He beat his girlfriend’s precious five year old child to death three years ago this month. I remember it vividly. His mother reported a car stolen from a gas station in the town where I lived. She said that her child was asleep in the backseat when she went in the station. He went to a different school, but he and Benjamin were in the same grade. Kindergarten. His picture was all over the news for the next several days. His body was found in the trunk of his mother’s car. It was heart-wrenching to hear about that happening to a child. It was even more heart wrenching to find out the details. He was beautiful. His pictures showed a big, happy smile and sweet, innocent eyes.  His pictures and his life were apparently two different things. His mother had this horrible boyfriend. Her defense in not protecting her child was that she was afraid of the boyfriend.  “I was afraid he would hurt me, so I sat by and let him kill my child. Then I went along with the staging of a phony kidnapping to protect my crazy, evil boyfriend.” Some mother, huh? If you are a single mother, please listen to me. Do not make the same mistake as this lady. She might have at one time or another been a good mom.  She might have been a nice person. But she put her child in harm’s way. She thought protecting her boyfriend was more important than protecting her child. If you have children, you need to think about them and how your decisions are going to affect them.  Just because a man says that he will take care of you does not mean he will. Before entering into a realtionship with someone, you need to know that he is a good influence to have around your children. Ask yourself some questions like:Does he do things or try to get me to do things that I would not want my children to do/see? Does he cause me to ignore my children and/or their needs? Has he ever expressed that he does not like children? Have I ever seen him looking at or touching my child inappropriately? This is not an all-inclusive list. But it is a starting point. I have seen so many  mothers in real life and on the news that value having a man over taking care of their children that it makes me sick. Sometimes I just want to shake people. I understand that raising a child alone is tough. I think it would be much tougher to find yourself faced with child abuse/neglect/endangerment charges….or worse.


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