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Sometimes I think it is no coincidence that the word ‘boisterous’ sounds like ‘boys’ at the beginning. A house full of boys is going to have moments that are filled with all types of noises. Sometimes the noises are happy-laughter ringing through the halls, singing, the rat-a-tap of feet dancing across the floor… that sort of thing. Then there are times where the sounds do not bring happiness-whining, arguing, stomping… etc. I rue the day it was discovered that gassy sounds could be made with armpits.

One thing I do love about my boys is that regardless how much they get on one another’s nerves, they always love each other, especially in times where things are going tough.Recently, for example, Samuel cut himself. At first it was no big deal to his brothers. I go to bandage up Samuel’s finger and that’s when it happens: He looked at it. Apparently when it happened and while washing his hands, Samuel did not actually look at his finger. Looking at it, he saw blood. Seeing blood made him think about the fact of that was his blood coming out of his body. He does not like the thought of his blood coming out of his body. He went pale. He started getting limp. Mark picked him up and carried him to our room to stretch out. Seeing as how the cut was very near to a joint, we decided that even though it was not a deep cut, he need to be seen by a doctor to determine if stitches were needed. I called our pediatrician, but they said they did not do stitches in the office.  So we started getting ready to head to the Emergency Room. My mother was at our house, so Nathaniel and Benjamin did not have to go with us, thankfully. I told Nathaniel that we were about to go and he was shocked that Samuel was cut that badly. I told him it was not too bad, but we wanted it seen about anyway. When I went in Benjamin’s room to tell him, he was rocking back and forth on his bed. Before I even said anything he burst out, “Is Samuel going to be alright?” I explained that Samuel was fine, but we were going to go to the hospital to see if he needed stitches.  Benjamin’s reaction? His little face went pale and he asked in a trembling voice if it was really that serious. I explained to him that it was not serious, but with the cut being in a bendy place we thought it would be best to let the doctor look at it and decide if it needed help in healing.He asked me if I was sure it wasn’t serious and I told him yes I was sure and he could look at it himself if he wanted. He didn’t want to.

To sum it up, Samuel is fine. He got some glue on his finger (no stitches woo-hoo!!!), a banana split, and a chicken, bean, and rice burrito to boot. He gets out of his turn at doing the dishes for several days. While cutting himself was not exactly fun, he did enjoy the benefits.

When we got home, Benjamin was at he door. He was extra-nice to Samuel the entire night. This is the same kid who will make noises at Samuel just to get on his nerves, or jump out from behind something to scare him.  Those things are done are normal days. On days when things are not going so well, he’s there to help and take care.

I hope they always have that sweetness of of being there in bad times. As they grow up, they might not always be near each other on a regular basis. In times of crisis, I do hope they remain close and loving.

Proverbs 17:17- A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.




Funny Samuelisms

Samuel is always cracking us up with stuff he says. This weekend he has kept us rolling with:

(Friday morning before his brothers were up)Samuel: (big smile)Want me to wake the brothers for you?

Me: Sure, in just a few minutes. Breakfast will be ready soon. But don’t use the shofar. Dad’s got to sleep late for work.

Samuel: (smile fading) Nevermind.

(coming in from outside on Saturday) Me: Did you have fun outside?

Samuel: Yes

Me: Did you find some rocks? (he likes to collect strange and unusual rocks)

Samuel: Yes, but just a chitlin, a shark fin and a piece of toast.

(Mark and I looking at each other like huh?) Whaaaat?

Samuel: A chitlin, a shark fin and a piece of toast. That’s all I could afford.

(oh, well thanks for clearing THAT one up)

Later same evening, Samuel is playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He knocks his opponent off the stage: Ha-ah!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!! (me: wondering where he gets this stuff)

And just a few minutes ago  I was tucking him in bed.

Me: Tomorrow is a brand new week.

Samuel: You know the best thing about Monday?

Me: What?

Samuel: It means only four more days til the next weekend.

Me: I thought you like to learn new things during the week.

Samuel: I do, but sometimes I just get so tired from doing school work every single day!

Sometimes you just have to smile and thank God for the the little ways He sends to make you blessed. Samuel is such a blessing. I cannot imagine life without him.

The Letter That Will Never, Ever be Mailed

Last year, Nathaniel wrote a letter to former President George W. Bush.  We never expected anything to come of it, seeing how he was getting ready to leave the White House and all. However, he got a letter back and a signed picture of W. in his cowboy hat!! How exciting!

Samuel decided he wanted to send a letter to President Obama. It was not quite as kind as the one Nathaniel sent to Bush. scan0001In case you are having trouble reading, it says”Hey!! Be a beter President, Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The big yellow blob at the bottom is a Post-it covering up our phone number!!! That’s all we need; to get put on the anti-President list with Fox News. And the White House to have not only our address, but our phone number, too.

For what it’s worth, this is better than the first one he wrote. The first one:

Dear Barak Obama,

My brothers hate you.

From, Samuel Gilliland.

I am not sure why my kids are so in to politics. I hope it wears off someday, before they decide to become politicians 😉

He’s Got It All Figured Out……And A Wife Is Just Not Necessary

While we were riding in the car tonight Samuel declared that he does not to get married when he grows up. When asked why he did not want to get married he replied, “My legs would get tired from all that standing.”(Say whhhaaat????) Mark asked him to elaborate. He said that the last wedding we went to “they had to stand up for like two whole hours!” Hmmm…. so he does not want to get married because he would have to stand up during the ceremony.

Mark asked, “Who would cook for you?” To which Samuel responded, “I will cook for myself.”

Then Mark asked who would give him back scratches. “I can use a flyswatter.”

To which Mark said, “Who would rub your shoulders after a long day at work?” Without missing a beat he said, “I’ll get a monkey and teach it to rub my shoulders. A space monkey from NASA.” (where does he come up with this stuff???)

Mark said, “What about when you are sick? Who will take care of you?” Samuel said he can call 911.

“Don’t you want to ever have a little boy of your own?” his daddy asked. “I can get a mannequin,” came the reply.

Nice to know has all his bases covered. After this conversation we sang this:

We made it to the line “That old massa was a gasser” Nathaniel said, “He was a gasser like you,” and pointed at Benjamin. At which point we all busted out laughing.  It was a fun ride home.

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