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Not Me Monday

I have never done a Not Me Monday post. This is hosted by MckMama. Perhaps my bad parenting day can help someone else see that they are not alone.

Wow. Was it ever a Monday here. Today I most certainly did NOT have a child who huffed and puffed and stomped everywhere, causing me to call him the “Big Bad Wolf”. Nope, not me. That sort of thing does not happen in a preacher’s family. We are always spit-shined and  loving toward each other. So of course, I did not punish said child for being disrespectful to his brother by making him do the dishes alone. By not doing so child could not have whined for two hours about how tired he was and how he needed to go to the bathroom. So then, I could not have told him to hurry with the dishes to avoid any discomfort. Attitude did not get worse. I certainly did not tell him he better get a shower quickly in order to get in bed so he would be refreshed in order to get up at 5:30-ish to get to public school on time. I really did not tell him that if he is going to treat the people who love him like garbage, he can spend his days with people who do not love him. My wonderful husband, being the loving father that he is, assuredly did not agree to drive child in question to the local school  in order to “put the fear in him” in the morning. (with a backpack full of paper and pencils and lunch money) Nope, not me at all.


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